Wednesday, 10 June 2009

INA deal gets anti-trust clearance

According to SeeNews - Croatia's Competition Agency (AZTN) has granted conditional approval to a deal that will give Hungary’s MOL control over Croatian blue-chip oil and gas company INA.

This is exciting news for the chemical sector in Croatia which links heavily into INA for feedstocks. According to ICIS plants and projects the following facilities exist in Croatia.

CroatiaOmisalj, KrkPolyethylene low density 70000 tonne/year Operating

Dioki ddCroatiaZitnjakEthylene 90000 tonne/year Operating

Dioki ddCroatiaZitnjakPolyethylene low density 85000 tonne/year Operating

Dioki ddCroatiaZitnjakPolystyrene 57000 tonne/year Operating

Dioki ddCroatiaZitnjakPolystyrene, expandable 12000 tonne/year Operating

Petrokemija ddCroatiaKutinaAmmonia 450000 tonne/year Operating

Petrokemija ddCroatiaKutinaAmmonium nitrate 450000 tonne/year Operating

Petrokemija ddCroatiaKutinaUrea 495000 tonne/year Operating

The two companies will have a 55-65% combined share of the retail market and it must be reduced through the disposal over the next nine months of INA's Crobenz business, online business news portal Bankamagazine ( reported, quoting AZTN president Olgica Spevec as telling reporters.

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