Monday, 6 July 2009

Croatia to cooperate with Vietnam on chemicals?

Vietnam is keen to cooperate with Croatia in the chemicals sector. This is according to, a site devoted to Vietnamese news. It's hard to imagine how exactly this might work?

According to a story out today, the Vietnamese Embassy in Hungary has worked with the Croatian Chamber of Trade and Economy to hold a seminar on business cooperation with Vietnam in Zagreb, Croatia.

"At the seminar, Miroslav Karamarkovic from the Croatian Chamber of Trade and Economy said that trade relations since 2003 have developed quickly in many fields. He also proposed focusing on ports, energy, telecommunications, the chemicals and pharmaceuticals industries, aquatic products, oil exploitation and tourism."

Croatia has a very limited chemical industry. According to the ICIS plants and projects database it has the following:
Dioki ddCroatiaOmisalj, KrkPolyethylene low density 70000 tonne/year Operating
Dioki ddCroatiaZitnjakEthylene 90000 tonne/year Operating
Dioki ddCroatiaZitnjakPolyethylene low density 85000 tonne/year Operating
Dioki ddCroatiaZitnjakPolystyrene 57000 tonne/year Operating
Dioki ddCroatiaZitnjakPolystyrene, expandable 12000 tonne/year Operating
Petrokemija ddCroatiaKutinaAmmonia 450000 tonne/year Operating
Petrokemija ddCroatiaKutinaAmmonium nitrate 450000 tonne/year Operating
Petrokemija ddCroatiaKutinaCarbon black 35000 tonne/year Operating
Petrokemija ddCroatiaKutinaUrea 495000 tonne/year Operating
Vlado RozicCroatiaOzaljBiodiesel 20000 tonne/year Operating

Quite what form this cooperation might take is difficult to imagine. Perhaps more a statement of general intent?

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