Monday, 3 August 2009

ECHA distances itself from Reach consulting companies

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The European Chemicals Agency has today issued a statement saying it does not endorse any of the multitude of consultancy firms which have sprung up to help industry's headaches as they try to implement Europe's chemical regulation Reach.

I've been to conferences where there are swarms of "consultants" with varying degrees of expertise milling around in search of needy chemical companies suffering over Reach.

A statement picked up by says: "ECHA does not accredit consulting companies
03 Aug 2009 - The European Chemicals Agency does not accredit or endorse companies providing advice or hands-on support to others on regulatory compliance. No companies can claim that they have been accredited by ECHA.

ECHA is making this statement in response to reports by third countries that EU legal or consulting companies are claiming to be accredited or somehow endorsed by ECHA, especially in the context of substance registration or SIEF formation. This is not the case. Companies are not accredited by ECHA. ECHA may have a contractual relationship with consultants and ask them to, for example, collect information on its behalf. In all such cases, the companies will be able to present clear documentation mandating their work."

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