Thursday, 19 November 2009

Poland chemical privatisation faces more delays

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It's perhaps not surprising that bidders are to be given extra time to submit binding offers for the package of Ciech, fertilizer, caprolactam and polymer producer Zaklady Azotowe Tarnow (ZAT) and nitrogen fertilizer, plastics and oxo alcohols producer Zaklady Azotowe Kedzierzyn (ZAK).

Poland's chemical industry privatisation, Polish state company restructuring agency Nafta Polska revealed the news on Thursday, as reported on ICIS news. The move was necessary, the agency said, because some of the six shortlisted potential buyers had requested more time to examine the financial condition and investment strategy of each of the firms in the package.

None of these companies is in particularly good shape financially and all will require further restructuring to bring them up to world-class standards. Central Eastern Europe is being hit really hard by the economic downturn too with financial instability at state level still a real concern.

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