Monday, 1 February 2010

Greece economic crisis a worry for chemical producers

The news that the International Monetary Fund is standing by to bail out Greece must be a worry to chemical producers regionally. So far we've had no reports of a negative impact on demand for chemicals at ICIS. But financial instability is bound to affect the buying habits of consumers and a negative impact on GDP growth.

Greece's problems have hit the Euro, which has fallen sharply against major currencies. This could be an unexpected benefit for Eurozone chemical producers who will benefit from cheaper exports and more expensive imports.

Let's hope the newly-elected government there can act swiftly to resolve a deficit worth 12.7% of GDP. According to The Independent "Earlier [last] week, investors showed unexpected appetite for Greek debt when the market responded with €25bn-worth of demand for its issue of €5bn-worth of five-year bonds, allowing the government to raise the issue to €8bn."

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