Friday, 5 February 2010

Top 10 chemical companies 2015

The top 10 chemical companies in 2015 will be dominated by Middle East and Asian players according to global consultancy KPMG. Take alook at their latest white paper on the chemical industry in Europe. The rank assumes historical growth rates will continue. I've pulled the list off:

Top 10 chemical producers, 2015/16
Rank Company Country
1. SABIC Saudi Arabia
2. BASF Germany
3. Reliance India
4. Exxon Mobil US
5. Sinopec China
6. Sinochem China
7. Dow Chemical US
8. Saudi Aramco Saudi Arabia
9. Dupont US
10. ADNOC / IPIC Abu Dhabi
Source: KPMG in the UK, December 2009


  1. Interesting Top 10 - So BASF could one day be knocked off the top spot eh!!! - we will have to wait for the 2015 ICIS Top 100 ha ha - now there's a thought!!!! Lara :-)

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